Taking Care Of Books

As a book maniac, I have tons of books scattered messily in every nook and cranny of my house. Some old collections end up staying in my shelves. You can say the whole shelves carries my childhood memories inside. I am indeed proud of myself every time I glance through my shelves thinking I have come a long way to be able to read from 24 pages story books to 500 pages novels. I didn’t think reading will be one of my hobbies since my parents and friends dislike reading saying it takes too much time and choose movies instead.

Because I don’t have that much and big shelves, I don’t have any space left to store my books. I once got the idea to store some of my books in a box which I end up doing it years ago. For the others, maybe this is quite a neat idea because it doesn’t have to take too much space and you can easily choose your books from the box, but for me the results is traumatic. My book end up being ‘clean’ by termite and the books condition are really bad I ended up throwing everything. I think I’m gonna cry from shock since I lost plenty of books including my favourite book of that time. The popular ‘Chicken Soup For The Soul’.

From there onward,I never kept any book related things inside a box. Instead, I bought drawers to store all of my books which I end up using all of the space and still not enough. I ended up storing some of my books on my bed since I run out of space to store everything.

Because of these scattered conditions, I am afraid that my book covers will be damaged since I can’t always take care and dust off my books everyday. I end up wrapping my books in plastic wrap which I enjoy a lot. It’s simple and neat. I also heap up thick books and arrange all of my books closed together so the covers will be just as new as the book that you have just bought. I take them out from shelves sometimes, dust them off and arrange them back into the shelves. Dusting them off may be quite a job to do since there are heaps of books that needs to be taken care of and there are shelves that need to be wipe. Takes loads of energy and time but for the ideal bookshelf? Why not? It’s all worth it.

Well this is my way in taking care of my books. How did you take care of your books?

Author : Celine

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